The post-partum perineal pads contain herbs and oils that reduce inflammation, bruising, reduce chances of infection, help heal wounds and stitches, and reduce hemorrhoids. The herbs will not interact with any medication that you may get in the hospital.

Bring the perineal pads to the hospital and place them in the common kitchen freezer.

Immediately after the birth of your baby and the placenta, when the nurse reminds you to get your hygienic/menstrual pads, instead have someone get a perineal pad for you. Place a frozen perineal pad on your genital area, including the anus if you have hemorrhoids. Use the hospital’s blue absorbent disposable mats or menstrual pads to place under you to catch excess blood or fluids.

When the nurse returns in a couple hours to change your menstrual pads that is the same time you can change the perineal pad and get a new one. You may need the first few (3-5) to be frozen and after that they can just be cold to continue the healing.